Pepper Spray -- the Very Best Self-Defence Weapon

Pepper Spray

A pepper spray causes a direct impact connected with an attacker. In fact, the eyes get dilated and hence temporary blindness is advocated from the assailants. A burning sensation is caused by a pepper spray and immediate inflammation of throat and lungs will produce the attacker to drop on the ground. He can experience nausea and nausea too. Although these conditions may only be temporary, they can cause crashing effects on the attackers, providing the victims sufficient time for speeding.

However, the conventional pepper spray is the most preferred and favorite one which people can take together for protection. This small but powerful pepper sprays can usually shoot around twelve feet. Obviously, it's much better to be using a pepper spray than being sprayed upon.

One might not be knowledgeable about the contents of a Pepper Spray. Well, the main or major makeup of a pepper spray is that the oil obtained in the pepper plant. This oil is called as Oleoresin Capsicum and its heat is quantified in SHUs that will be, Scoville Heat Units. The higher the unit, the more lethal the pepper spray is. Several pepper sprays vary from 2 million to 5 million SHUs. Therefore, these products are proving to be a powerful and safe deterrent against attackers, such as psychotic individuals or who may be on drugs. Pepper sprays may be the best deterrents for those without guns. To find further details on Pepper Spray kindly visit

These days, the world is now an extremely dangerous place with all the frequent occurrence of arbitrary attacks. Whether you may be a woman or man searching for some self-defence equipment, or if one is just interested to include more security, a can of pepper spray might turn out to be the best option. Additionally, pepper sprays aren't expensive and thus, anyone can afford to buy them. An individual can shield oneself by carrying out a pepper spray.

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